Extending the curriculum at Ambrosoli

Learning at Ambrosoli International School

At Ambrosoli, the curriculum is based on a combination of the National Curriculum of England and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). These two curricula have been chosen as it allows us to ensure our mission and vision are being met: by providing engagement and challenge using creative and inspiring methods in a global setting.

Whenever possible, English and Maths are linked to the IPC unit in meaningful ways which encourage the children to make connections in their learning. Those subjects taken by Specialist- Art, Music, French, Computing, P.E. and Swimming – use IPC units when relevant. The Specialist teachers also follow the National Curriculum of England to enable the constant building of skills and knowledge.

The IPC personal learning goals help to guide the school’s PSHE programme and this is reflected in the certificates given out to children at our weekly assemblies.

Across Primary, the teaching and learning reflects the many different learning styles of the children. Learners build on their knowledge, skills, and understanding through a range of activities. The children are taught about how we learn and are given time to reflect on their own work and that of others’. Tasks are differentiated to ensure that all the learners can develop and flourish.

Performance is an important part of Ambrosoli culture as it allows children to be expressive and develop their communication skills and confidence. Each class performs two assemblies over the school year and children are part of their annual key stage production.

There is a strong community feel at Ambrosoli, and parents are encouraged to become involved in school life. We have had parents lead after-school clubs, come to class to share their knowledge and experiences, take part in class activities, attend sports events, and perform on stage. Our ‘open door’ policy ensures that parents feel comfortable either popping into class or contacting the teacher if they have any issues to discuss. There are many optional fun events outside of school hours to help strengthen our community spirit and welcome new families to the school.