This week at school, Year 4 students acted out roles in an earthquake relief centre following a fake earthquake. 4 Sipi reflected on their experiences of the activity by writing a diary entry, linking together our IPC and English topics. They wrote some very accurate descriptions of how they tackled the situation, their feelings during the roleplay activity and what they learnt from the IPC Entry Point. Please enjoy the below excerpts from their diaries that paint a very clear picture of the activity, and how people might feel in a genuine emergency:


Yesterday we had an earthquake simulation (drill) at school. I was in the fireman team. The drill was scary and a little fun. We put out all of the fires. We cooperated a lot. By Ocean

I was in the teachers team. Our duties were looking after kids that were injured and hurt. It was hard calming the people down and looking after each other. By Dasha

I felt excited and a bit nervous because some of the acting was hard. I learnt to cooperate, be serious and communicate. By Shane

I was in the medical team. Our duties were to check for injuries and communicate to the relief centre. It was hard to treat the people because everyone was shouting and running around. It was disturbing and all the people were asking for stuff. By Gabriele

I learnt to care and help the injured people. Next time I would tell my team mate to help one by one injured people and tell the whole team to do things one by one. I found out the other team was crying for help. Then I told them what was going on. By Alexander

The search and rescue team went to find the missing children and when they found them they put them on a stretcher and brought them to the medical team and the medical team started to cure the hurt children. Then the relief managers were getting a bit more organized. By Anna

I was in the teacher team. Our duties were to check if all the students were there. It was hard to check. I was nervous because I had a (fake) broken leg and arm and some students were in the building in the (fake) fire. I learnt to be serious and how to communicate to my team. Next time I would do more listening. By Brian

I was in the relief manager team. Our duties were to make sure everyone is here, luckily no one was missing. It was hard to get people to listen. Sometimes they were ignoring me and my team but luckily in the end it was just fine. I felt exhausted and I was cooperating well. I learnt to calm people down gently. By Amalia

It was hard to call all the people to come. I felt happy because I could help many teammates do their duties. I learnt how to work on a team and what to do in an earthquake. By Xavier