This week we are practising our descriptive writing skills by doing a story opening setting description.

Here are some of the children’s pieces;

“Outside in the scary, dark forest the snow was falling deeply. The snow was drifting through the sparkling trees in the winds and a storm was blowing. The house was deep in the forest among the white, fluffy, soft snow.” – Aarush


“Outside the shimmering, white, glistening snow was drifting down towards the shamrock green tees and the dull brown soil. In an opening there stood a miniature, oak cottage, standing with a few emerald trees on either side of it.

Inside the warm, cosy, snug cottage there was a fire burning brightly. A table was set for Christmas dinner (because it was Christmas eve) and a pack of marshmallows were ready for roasting. But there was nobody to be seen…. ” – Siyanna


“On the outside of my dark cottage there were huge snowflakes falling down , which I could see out of the azur window. There were trees moving and creaking as the wind blew rapidly. The ice on the floor was a pearly white, glimmering colour.  The snow was collapsing through the gloomy dark sky. Nobody went outside because of the freezing cold.

Inside my creepy, wooden cottage I sat comfortably drinking my cup of warm chocolate and reading the newspaper. I was comfy because of the snowy, icy wind blowing outside the window. I moved on my wobbly, brown chair. There was no fire and it was becoming chilly. A dusty windowsill had Russian dolls sitting on it. I sat keeping warm under my cosy blankets.

The tiny snowflakes toppled down slowly and everything was quite quiet and ever so still. Then suddenly I heard a heavy, big, distant footstep…. ” -Julia


“One snowy morning there was a big gust of wind blowing this way. It was as freezing as a blizzard. There was a road next to the tiny weeny hut and there was black ice on the side of the road. Gusts of snow were making their way across the dark gloomy road.

Inside the spooky, abandoned hut there was an old, oak table standing on the dark floorboards. In the abandoned hut there were 5 rooms. The rooms were as a dark as the night sky. There was a huge, dusty spiders web hanging across a bedroom door.” – Cordell


“Outside the minute, wooden cottage there were mountains as tall as the sky. The wind was icy and gloomy . Huge snowflakes swirled down through the black, dusty air. As the snow crunched through the woods, the trees shook while the blizzard blew.

Inside the cottage it was warm and cosy. It had been abandoned for years until a family of four came to live in it. A wooden, dusty, mahogany, brown table and soft, plum, warm covers for the chairs stood gently in the middle of the room. While the glowing, crimson fire in the deep pine cottage crackled the lights glowed. On the inside the ceiling there was a dusty, old, ultramarine lamp but there was no electricity in the ruined cottage and the only light came from the fire. ” – Penelope