Recently in Year 6  Murchison, we have written explanation texts about child labour. Having studied some of the language items used in explanation texts we then planned and wrote our own examples. The class decided to write about child labour having studied this issue as part of our Jigsaw PSHE unit. We firstly carried out research using the internet, written texts and videos. After this we planned our text. The introduction pulled the reader into the topic using emotive language that would make the reader aware of the issue whilst also making them read on. The first main paragraph explained the reasons for child labour. The second main paragraph explained the impacts of child labour on the children. The third main paragraph explained different ways in which child labour could be eradicated. Finally a brief conclusion detailed the writer’s opinion. After writing we peer edited and reviewed our work to see ways in which it could be improved. Below is an example of one child’s work:

Child Labour

Imagine young children being forced to work all day long just to earn a few cents. Slashing plants with a machete that could seriously damage their bodies. Spraying toxic chemicals that cause lifelong illnesses which leads to a painful death. Carrying enormous sacks along hazardous tracks with snakes that slither around, always ready to bite an uncovered ankle. All of this horror is just so consumers can have a piece of cheap chocolate. You must read on to find out about the dark side of our everyday foods.

Why do children work?

Around the world millions of children are being forced to work as child labourers. There are many reasons as to why this happens but the main reason is poverty which means that the families can’t afford to send their children to school. This unfortunately means that they are forced to send their children to work as child labourers on farms or in factories. Most families need their children to work because they can’t afford to put food on the table. Consequently their children have to sacrifice their education for a roof over their heads and to provide the basic needs of the family. Whilst some are depressed that they can’t have a proper education others are grateful for the chance to earn money for their families. The reason is some child labourers have sick parents and their salary can pay of some of their medical bills.

What are the impacts of child labour?

Many child labourers suffer severe injuries from using hazardous equipment or machinery without protective clothing or proper training which they use on a daily basis. Just one little injury could lead to disastrous consequences. This is because injuries are not treated properly and children could get an infection leading to disability or even death. In addition they are forced to ignore the pain and continue working due to having no rights because they are working in an illegal manner. Another deadly reason is children work around toxic chemicals that could easily lead to cancer and other lifelong health problems. Due to working the children have to drop out of school to maintain their families’ economic needs. Therefore they can’t have the education they need to help them get a job in the future and they will be forced to repeat the cycle of poverty. It is likely that they will stay poor for the rest of their life because they lack education. Even their children might have to become child labourers.

How can we stop child labour?

In order to stop child labour many strategies are used. Firstly the government could make laws and enforce them to stop this crime. Also the police should investigate and catch the guilty people who use children to work for them. But on the other hand, that unfortunately can’t solve the underlying poverty. Another way is for NGOs to help raise awareness about child labour using commercials and meetings. Additionally they could help the families start a business for example; restaurants, farms, or market stalls. This enables the family to have a bigger income so their children can return to school. Finally everyone can help by buying fair-trade products because these companies are 100% child labour free. Even though these products can be more expensive everyone gets their fair share.

All in all a child labourer’s life is extremely difficult and miserable. Therefore it is almost impossible for them to escape. In fact many child labourers have no choice and it is a little more than modern day slavery. In conclusion child labour should be abolished in order for them to have a better future. Children shouldn’t have to work but ought to follow their dreams and everybody can help including you!

If you want to read more of our work just visit 6 Murchison where every child’s writing is on display. You are most welcome.