In Year 3 we have had the pleasure of visitors coming into class over the last two weeks.

We have had older visitors in class to tell about what life was like when they were younger. Tr Dinah came to tell us all about what it was like going to school in Uganda in the 1950’s and Tr Mandy came to tell us what it was like for her attending school in England in the 1950’s. We learnt a lot about how schooling has changed through history, internationally!

We also had a younger visitor called Zola who came into school to show us what it as like being only 6 months old. We found out how to take care of young babies, how they grow and learn and we asked lots of questions. Did you know that babies are born with all their teeth, but they are just under the gums? We were also surprised to find out that mums don’t have milk in their breasts all the time, they only get it when they have a baby!