We were very lucky to have two guest speakers last week for our IPC ‘Active Planet’ unit, who have experience working for international  organizations helping people after natural disasters. One of our unit objectives is to ‘find out about international groups that respond to natural disasters’ so the best way to do this was to meet real people working in these roles.

The children learnt about how important it is for people to have shelter, food, water, and medical assistance after natural disasters. They also learnt about how teams have to work together to meet people’s needs and treat all people affected by natural disasters equally. The children heard that emergency response teams should be calm and treat each situation differently. They should also learn from each experience to improve the systems for the next emergency.

The children did a role-play activity, where they had to make decisions about how to help different groups of people fairly and flexibly after a natural disaster. This brought to life some of the challenges people working in these roles really face.

During the presentations, the speakers were impressed by what the children already knew about natural disasters and the inquiring questions they asked. Thank you to our guest speakers for the informative and engaging activities. The children really benefited from their learning in school being connected to real life situations and jobs.