History Of Ambrosoli

A brief history of Ambrosoli International School

In 1989, Scuola Italiana Padre Giuseppe Ambrosoli was set up by a group of Italian parents who named it after Father Ambrosoli, as he had inspired so many of them who had worked with him in northern Uganda.

The small school did very well and after a few years was opened up to the international community. The international school started in the kindergarten and progressively expanded into primary. Eventually the two schools merged.

In 2003 Ambrosoli Limited was formed.

Dr Giuseppe Ambrosoli (1923-1987)

Giuseppe Ambrosoli was born in Italy in 1923. Despite the war interrupting his studies, he graduated with the highest honours in medicine. He then became ordained as a Verona Father and set sail in 1956 for Africa.  Dr. Ambrosoli worked in Gulu and Kalongo, in Pader District where he built the Dr Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital, with 345 beds and a midwifery school.

Once again, interrupted by war, Ambrosoli was forced to move all the hospital staff, 150 patients and 1500 soldiers and civilians to Lira in 1987 on military orders and here he died, though his body was returned to Kalongo seven years later.