What with all the emphasis around hand hygiene and the spread of bacteria at the moment, we decided to set up an experiment in class to show the children the benefits of hand washing. We have not done this experiment before so are not sure of the results, but have made some sensible predictions.

The children reflected on their understanding of independent and dependent variables, as well as controls for  fair test and planned an experiment using bread. They wanted to find out if it is better to use hand sanitiser (antibacterial gel) or to wash with soap and water. They each made a hypothesis about the results.

Feel free to pop into one of the year 3 classes to see our experiment in action. We look forward to sharing the results with you!

After watching the mould spread over the bread for a couple of weeks we saw some interesting results.  We saw how many bacterial must be on our unwashed hands, and it was disgusting! We realised that washing our hands with soap and water was much more effective than antibacterial gel.