On 25th October, six other International schools in Kampala brought some of their students to Ambrosoli for the Inter-School French Day. Six of our Year 4 children represented our school, and were the team leaders of the groups as they completed different activities around the school. Our Ambrosoli students described the day in their own words:

In the morning we welcomed the other schools and met all the other children. Then we did seven activities – learning about Chad, Canada, Belgium, France, Cajun, Guadeloupe and Cote d’Ivoire (among other Central and Western African countries). In each activity we practiced our French and learnt something about the place. We made sure our group all moved to the next activity on time and didn’t get lost around our school!

When we visited Chad, we learnt different facts about the country and then did a quiz in French to see what we learnt. We tried some dates from there! In Guadeloupe we were tourists and guides. We had to ask and answer questions in French about places to visit. It sounds like a nice place but it is far away. In France we learnt how to make crepes and we learnt the French words for all the ingredients.

When we visited Canada, we sang a song in French and learnt some facts about Canada. Some parts of Canada are French-speaking so we also learnt some new vocabulary. In Belgium we sang about chocolate and did a miming game to describe chocolate. We even got to try some chocolate and we had to describe how it tasted!

We played a game with stones called awalé. They play it in many African countries, including Cote D’Iovire. We listened to the instructions for the game in French. We learnt about Cajun by doing a reading task and a quiz. Then we tried food from there made from marshmallows, chocolate and nuts. Cajun is in Louisiana, near the Mississippi River.

The day was amazing but we had to be hardworking because we were tour guides for the children from other schools. We were so busy! We learnt about French-speaking countries and we learnt new words in French. We also made new friends from different schools and the teachers from the other schools helped us improve our French.

By Jungeun, Malachi, Brian, William, Maud and Ramona