In Year 4, we have been learning about word problems in maths.

Can you identify what type of calculation is needed for each problem below (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication)? Some of them are multi-step word problems, meaning there is more than one type of calculation to solve in the question. Then try to solve these word problems the children made by turning them into number problems first. 


  1. There are 56 avocados on a tree and 35 fall off. How many avocados are left on the tree?
  2. Leo’s mum has $21.00 and she adds $54.30. How much does she have altogether? 
  3. Leo has 10 boxes of discs and in each box there are 71 discs. What is the total number of discs? 
  4. There are 21 leaves in a pile of leaves and Maya wants to put them in groups of 3. How many groups will she make?
  5. Gio went  to the shop and he bought 500 pencils and each cost 51c  and he also bought 1,000 chocolate bars that cost 28 c .How much does all of this cost? 
  6. 8 Kids were at a party and there were 320 sweets in the jar to divide between them. How many sweets do the children have if they give 3 away to their dads? 
  7. Adam has 56 comics but gives 29 to Lisa. How many comics does he have left?
  8. Polly wants to split necklaces into groups of 72. She has 299 necklaces. How many groups will she make?
  9. Each person in Anna’s birthday party has 6 lollipops,if there are 32 people how many lollipops are there in total?
  10. Tom has 53 stickers in September but gets 46 more in December.How many does he have all together?


Thanks to Leo, Cordell and Julia for the questions.