Music Class

Look for the music on all things, and life will be a symphony of joy.

In music lessons at Ambrosoli International School we aim to enable all members of the school community to develop confidence, understanding and enjoyment of music through a diverse and high-quality approach to teaching. Music enables children of all abilities to use their imagination and skills to achieve their potential with guidance.  At Ambrosoli, music has an important role to play in children’s lives within the school. Each child’s individuality and creativity is highly cherished.

Dawn Clapton- Music Teacher

I originally grew up in a village just outside Grantham in Lincolnshire and started playing the violin and piano in primary school and later changed to the viola in when I was 16.  I graduated from Trinity College of Music in London with Diploma in Performance Studies and later studied for my PGCE at Bath Spa University.

My first time in Africa was in 2005 as a volunteer in Tanzania and then later in 2008 for Oasis Charity here in Uganda. I then joined the team in 2009, teaching music at here at Ambrosoli. It is a joy to see pupils learn and develop their skills, abilities, creativity and love for music.

Outside of school I enjoy reading, swimming and exploring new places as well as playing in a small band or an orchestra.