This week the whole school starting learning about different things connected to water. In Reception we chose to look at oceans and things that live in them. The children have learnt about the different oceans around the world, they’ve learnt about sea creatures – looking at how they are the same or different, recreating the patterns they see on sea creatures, drawing them and labeling them, and some children have even made their own mini oceans this week! It has been a fun week and it has got everyone thinking about the fun they had when they visited an ocean. Here are some pictures of some of the Reception children and one of the teachers by the ocean and their thoughts about what they got up to there:

I was at the sea in Albania (the Adriatic Sea).  I remember I went to swim with my parents, and the floaties. I played in the sand, and sat on a beach chair.

This is Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, by the Atlantic Ocean. I’m at the beach. I’m making sand castles. I liked the water and the sand. I felt happy!

Here I am. This is the beach in Denmark. I like it because I can swim here. I also like Zanzibar. And Uganda.

This is me, my boys, and Georgia Monkey last summer by the North Sea in England, in a place called South Shields. It was a sunny day but the water was soooo cold. South Shields is a nice place because it has a nice beach and a big park with playgrounds, a lake, gardens and a miniature train that goes all the way around it. In South Shields there is also a pleasure park called Ocean Beach with lots of fun rides and things to do. Georgia Monkey had lots of fun there!

I liked that place (Seychelles), because we found so many mussels and shells, and we could build sandcastles, and of course because we could swim!

This is a picture of my family kayaking along the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

This is me with big turtles at Zanzibar.

This is me and my best friend Mateo. We were in the Indian ocean to spend Christmas and we saw father Christmas running on the beach bringing presents for us.

I was in the beach in Dubai making a sand castle. The ocean has sea creatures and it has salty water and it has seaweed and it has some dirty water.

I like swimming in Canada. The beach is very nice, but don’t swim in the deep because of the shark will come!

I was at the beach in Dubai and played in the water and made castles in the sand. I made many friends.

I had a brilliant visit to the aquarium in Boston two years ago with my mummy where I saw so many fish. My favourite was the turtle. I would like to swim with one some day.

This is me on the beach and my cousins, and I was making a narwhal but it was just like a platypus. It was in Scotland and there was water under the sand. It was fun there.