In Year 3 students were very creative during our online journey. They were introduced to a variety of art styles and movements and created their own masterpieces in the process. Here is their art gallery.

The wave by Elise (inspired by Hokusai)

                                                                                    The wave by Hanna (inspired by Hokusai)

The wave by Sophie (inspired by Hokusai)


Ostrich face by Kamiel                                              Ostrich face by Hanna (inspired by an ostrich)

Ostrich face by Renad

In the jungle (inspired by Henri Rousseau)

Flamingo in the jungle by Tayana (inspired by Henri Rousseau)

   Origami lizard by Elise (inspired by the beauty of lizards)


                                                               Origami lizard by Kamiel                                    Origami lizard by Mia


 Origami lizard by Sophie