Students in Year 2 were very creative during our online learning journey in art. They learned about the life and work of famous artists and used their artworks as an inspiration for their own work.

Art inspired by Claude Monet

The waterlily pond by Yehonatan

The waterlily pond by Erica

The waterlily pond by Carla

Waterlily pond by Bunny

The waterlily pond by Bunny

Water lily pond by Futura

The waterlily pond by Futura


he waterlily pond by Simba

Abstract art inspired by Klee

The fish by Simba

The magic tree inspired by Klimt

The magic tree by Futura

By Futura

The magic tree by Yehonatann

By Yehonatan

The magic tree by Peppa

By Peppa

The magic tree by Jayden

by Jayden

The three musicians inspired by Picasso

By Bunny

By Remaz

The tree musicians by Settimo

By Settimo