Year 5 have adapted well to using Google Classroom as a platform for their online learning this week. In Maths they have had the opportunity to get creative while investigating rotational symmetry and tessellations this week. We were really impressed with some of the examples which were shared with us and can be seen below.  In English  the children have been working hard to write their new Ugandan versions of existing well-known stories.  A good example of a story opening and a completed task can be seen below.  In IPC, the children have been encouraged to conduct research in to the geographical features of Uganda and then go on to compare these with features of their home country. We have received some super presentations and were impressed by the quality of the research. Another great week of online learning Year 5, well done!

                                                            Joseph and the giant Sugar Cane  (story opening)

Once upon a time there lived a little Ugandan boy who was so poor that he couldn’t even afford a single glass of ankole milk. The boy’s name was Joseph. He lived with his 95 year old grandma who was so weak that she couldn’t hold her own cup of kawa. One day his grandma sent Joseph to sell all the chicken so that they could afford bread for the week. Joseph ,who always obeyed his granny, agreed to do as she said and took a basket and walked outside. When Joseph had collected all the chicken he set off to the city. When he reached the city Joseph met a girl called Nammazi. Nammazi told Joseph that there lived a rich man just around the corner who was looking for some chicken. So  Joseph thanked Nammazi and headed straight to the man. When he finally reached the old man, Joseph found that all his chicken were gone. He started panicking. He was starting to cry when he saw some weird looking beans just lying on the ground. Joseph picked them up and ran home. At the moment that he got back Joseph started planting the beans immediately.


Little Miss Gomesi (Full story)

Striding through the forest lost, an evil cackle was coming closer……..

“Remember to not get lost.” shouted Mum as I ran off. Nervously, I walked clutching the map. I knew I would get lost. With a basket of jam and treats for my Jaja, I cheered up a bit. Life was good but we faced many challenges in the village. I walked and walked thinking about why it had to be me going alone. Distracted by my thoughts, I mistakenly took a wrong turn. I was in a forest. I crept into the shadows, it was gloomy, packed with bending trees, the hair rose on the back of my neck. I tiptoed past the thorny branches, sinking mud, the peering trees. Lost, I wanted to be home wearing my warmest gomesi.

A strange noise formed behind my back. I had to run. As time went by the what felt like seconds growling sounds became louder, now it was turning into a laugh. But not the one you do when you are happy, this was wicked. Sprinting I didn’t bother to retrace my steps. I could feel the taste of the dust drying the back of my throat now all I wanted was water. Slipping in some mud I knew this could be the end………

A grey hyena peered over me and said, “Hello how are you?” to my surprise the hyena could talk. Confused, I murmured “I’m good but lost.”

“I’ll help” replied the beast, “Don’t worry you’ll be fine.” The two of us tried to navigate our way to the house.

“There it is” I shouted as we looked together and we saw Jaja’s house. The hyena waited outside and I explained to Jaja what had happened. The hyena was let in and then he  exclaimed “Thank you for showing me in but now it is meal time” he licked his lips and took out a silver fork  and knife and tied a napkin around his neck. “Ohh my dear you’re hungry let’s see what I have got,” Grandma replied kindly, wandering into the kitchen.

“Well if your Jaja is hiding; then I will eat you first and Jaja as desert”. I was trembling, heart thumping, but I knew I could outsmart him.

“She is not your Jaja.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Yes you did.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You just said that you did!”

“Anyway time to eat you,” interrupted the hairy beast.

“Who wants gonja?” said Jaja walking in

“Fine I’ll try just one before I munch you up,” he growled miserably.

They all sat at a big wooden oval table, picking out the gonja with their fingers.“Mmm, delicious” said the hyena. “That was the best gonja I have ever eaten.” revealed the Hyena licking its lips. He continued, “This is way better than a tough girl like you”

“Then maybe you could be flexible and become a vegetarian” Grandma replied thinking quickly

“Good idea” the satisfied Hyena answered.

From that day on the hyena never ate children again and he helped plant bananas so we could have all the life-saving gonja we wanted.