In the past 2 weeks Year 1 have been exploring the world on virtual tours. We have been learning about continents, seas and oceans and how to locate  countries on the world map. We are learning about the differences and similarities between countries and cultures. Parent’s from the Year 1 classes have been coming in and sharing their home country and culture with us. We have been learning about the colours of the flags, national animals, geographical features, traditional food , how far away each country is from our ‘host’ country Uganda and what was invented in each country.

Some interesting facts;

China’s lucky is colour red!

America invented choc chip cookies and they have Disneyland and Disneyworld!

Vietnam has a cave that you can fly a Boeing 747 through!

Kenya has the big 5 animals!

South Sudan do wrestling as a sport and they wear leopard/Cheetah skirts!

Sweden has the cleanest water you can drink right out of the river!

Iran invented ice-cream!