Dear all,
We are grateful to Amy Boore (Ambrosoli parent and also the CDC point of contact for the COVID 19 virus in Uganda and a member of the Ugandan Ministry of Health task force for this epidemic) who responded positively to my request to attend our Parent Partnership meeting on Wednesday ( 18th March). Amy will briefly share some guidelines with us and tell us what is currently known about the virus and its epidemiology. Recognising how extremely busy Amy must be at present I am enormously grateful to her for sparing us some of her precious time.
Following on from this I will talk about Ambrosoli’s (and other international schools) current position and on our preparations for school closure should this occur. Parents will then be invited to attend a workshop, lead by Teachers Alfred and Steven, on Google Classroom if they would like to learn more and this workshop will be repeated at 2.45pm for those unable to make it in the morning.
Although we remain at moderate level according to our decision making protocol we have decided to make some changes to events in this and the next couple of weeks to minimise times when the school community gathers together. The Year 3 and 4 children and staff ( and parents) have worked incredibly hard over several weeks to bring their production ” Go for Gold’ to their parents. We have brought the production days forward and arranged two showings to try to spread the audience a little and to ensure that the children are not disappointed and that ‘the show goes on’. The first performance for parents will be at 5.30pm tomorrow ( Tuesday 17th March) with a second performance at 1.30pm on Wednesday. If you have already bought a ticket don’t worry about the date, come when you can. If you haven’t yet bought a ticket we will make sure that they are available as you come in. I do hope that you will be able to make it, despite ( or perhaps because of) the revised schedule. There will be no PTA bar or snacks ( sorry!)
We have also decided to postpone assemblies for the next couple of weeks ( 1 Rwenzori and 2 Nile) as, whilst we all enjoy class assemblies, they are not essential and we would like to reduce the amount of times that the children all sit together in one place.
Please keep your child at home if they are unwell and please remember that you must quarantine for 14 days on your return from a Category A country and that your child /ren must also be kept away from school as a result of your quarantine.
Let us all hope that we all stay well. We will continue to keep the school open and as safe as possible for your children as long as we can and, in the event of a school closure, we are now well prepared for delivering learning online.
I have been humbled and grateful for the words and messages of support from you at what is a difficult time – not what I thought that my final year at Ambrosoli would be like!
Best wishes,