Parent Partnership


Visible Thinking Presentation

Thinking is an abstract term that is hard to describe, see and encourage, however it is essential for learning. Through the use of visible thinking routines, thinking can be broken down, fostered and constructed, in a meaningful and insightful way. Loading...


21st Century education-25th September

21st Century education-25th September At our Parent Partnership meeting in September HOS Mandy shared her thoughts and ideas about 21st Century education and the impact of this on thinking about future learning at Ambrosoli. Our architect then shared his concept design with the parents. The children also spent the morning thinking about what they thought future schools would look like.   Loading...



Parents’ ideas Read/share books about transition with your children’s Take pics and/or make a video on the way to school If they are old enough give them a camera so that they can do it themselves Show them and share pics and other details about the new place you are moving Keep in touch with friends via WhatsApp and/or Skype and emails Talking about transition/moving honestly and when possible well in advance ( when is not possible try to “stretch” the process as much as possible Be...