Two parents came to speak to us in Year 4 Sipi this week about their learning experiences as part of our IPC Unit ‘Brainwaves’.

One parent spoke about learning to dance and told us how important it is to practise regularly but also how important it is to enjoy what you’re learning. Year 4 Sipi students had a lot of questions, and particularly enjoyed the dance demonstration and video.

The other parent told us about her experience of learning different languages. She explained how easy it was to learnĀ  languages when she was young and her brain was flexible but language-learning was harder when she was older and had less opportunity to practise. The powerpoint presentation explained this really well.

Year 4 Sipi students really enjoyed these talks and made a lot of good connections to their own learning. They also realised that we never stop learning – even as adults!

Thanks to the two guest speakers for bringing our IPC Unit to life and telling us all about your learning experiences.