Personification Task

In our online English lessons this week, Year 4 children learnt about personification. This is when you try to make an object become human by giving them feelings and human characteristics. We tried to personify objects from school that we might not be using much at the moment, as we are currently learning from home!

My sharpener always shouts and cries “You leave me hours and hours with only pencil dust!” “As lonely as a snail here I am in this dark,creepy,mysterious room!” “This place is my prison!” “If only you could take me out for at least a test?.” The complaining sharpener went back to the dusty room angrily.

By Julia


Every day my school book cries “Why do you leave me alone in this dirty, dusty, old cupboard !!! You used to always feed me up with pencil lines, but now you leave me abandoned in this horrifying cupboard !! I just wish you would still do all the things you used to do, “

My school book is as helpless as a rat with no food.

He is a whiny pile of papers.

By Lois


Tr. Job’s piano looked at his instrument friends and started talking, “When do you think Tr. Job and the children will come back to school? I miss when Tr. Job plays music on me because I always feel a friendly tickle and I really miss this.”

He looked outside for a long time and stared at the beautiful birds singing their songs. Then he tried to play music by himself and felt sad because he could not do it. He thought to himself: What if he could ask Tr. Job to give him lessons to play music by himself once he is back to school.

By Leo


He smiles when there is no computing and he frowns when children make him busy. He just wants to have a rest in peace. When the children are at school they fight because they want to use him and they don’t give him any space. He says, “Just give me a break for five minutes! Please – don’t hurt me! I’m expensive!”

By Karim (about a chromebook)


My highlighter gave me a long, piercing cry and said, “Since you have not been using me for a while I have started to lose my colour and when I fall of the shelf I can not go back to my friends since I can not climb that high” “ This room is as dusty as your attic, and trust me I have been to your attic and it is very dusty”The angry highlighter shouted. “I will not put up with this much longer !” . The frustrated highlighter huffed and then went back to the filthy, dusty and dark room where all the other highlighters belong, while still shouting to me, “ This place is a dump. This place is  a dump”

By Siyanna