For the end of term, we did a final poetry task in Year 4. We used our knowledge of different rhyming schemes, and genres of poetry, and wrote about a theme of our choice. Here are some creative poems from 4 Sipi:

Burgers by Ahmed

Put the pickle,meat,cheese

What’s that? Burger! 

Burgers so yum yum yum

Make it go do your tum tum tum


Burger is so good you will never forget it

Burger is so good you will never regret it

Burger is so good it is like made from the gods

Burger is so good you can take out the odds


Put the pickle,meat, cheese

What’s that burger

Oh i hear you want a break well here is an option

Why don’t you eat BURGER



What’s that? BURGER!

Now that’s what i call a tasty 

brilliant big burger bringing me happiness!




The old lady by Lois


There once was an old lady

She sat on her rocking chair

Singing a special sweet song

Of how she grew her hair


Molly her cat curled up on her lap

and she carefully stroked Molly

Remembering the past

while sitting next to her small dolly


Always chatting to her plants

Especially proud of her roses,

She loves them like her children

She named one of them Moses


She enjoyed singing to the sun

Like it would sing back

still knowing she had no friends

But her imaginary one jack


      Dolphin and shark love by Julia


Lily the dolphin drops back 

into the water with a splash 

Deep down in the ocean 

is where this story begins


Lily the dolphin was in a party 

when she met sharky the king

They had fish and chips 

and Coca Cola from a machine


w it was past one month 

and these two were deeply in love

But the kingdoms were enemies 

If found out, they would be killed by the soldiers above


So they ran away because it was the only solution

Many years later they had children and a life of illusion

And so the story ends, without any confusion


When I draw by Siyanna


When i draw,

I go down below,
I see a whole new world

I have to let myself go.

My hand moves by itself,

It controls me,

I don’t know what i am drawing,

Don’t you see!

When i draw 

I am free!

No right,no wrong 

There is no rules for me

When i draw,

My imagination takes me there

There or here,

Or anywhere.



By: Leo


Cats are cheerful charming clean and cute pets

Like a baby they curl up when they sleep

My cat can play and tear up the white nets

Poor little gecko when him and cat meet


My cat has a sweet and curious name

Whiskey is the name of my fluffy friend

My fluffy friend always has the same aim

Napping on the sofa with his paws bend


He climbs trees fast then falls back to the ground

I guess that his favourite colour is white

When hungry he speaks to me with a sound

The black on his fur is dark as the night


Cats love to hunt mice and bats in the dark

Cats sometimes play with dogs but they can’t bark


Lock down by Cordell


Everyday is the same on lock down 

It’s the most boring thing to do

When I look in the mirror I have a frown

When school is closed I feel blue

You must wash your hands every day

When you come in from outside

And when you come in from play

Soap is everywhere you can’t hide

We spend all our time on the computer

It is really not  at all fun 

My mum and dad are not commuters 

On lock down I don’t get to run

I hope my friends stay healthy and fine

When lockdown ends it will be divine