Kiganda Dance

Uganda culture is one of the most enjoyable lessons in Reception. The children learn about Uganda’s diverse culture especially the food, nursery rhymes, animals etc. They have also been learning simple common words in Luganda such as greetings, colours and members of the family. Additionally, they have learnt some diverse dancing styles from different regions of Uganda. Here they are dancing a Kiganda dance. dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav Like this:Like Loading...


Reception Wheels Day

This week, as part of our ‘Healthy Me’ theme, we had a ‘Wheels Day’ in Reception. The children came to school with their bikes, scooters, tricycles or other type of wheels and during the morning we went out onto the field and had fun riding, scooting or pushing our wheels around. It was really great for our gross motor and communication skills. Sometimes it was quite hard work too, but we kept going and showed great resilience by never giving...


It Has Been A Healthy Week In Reception

We have had a busy but exciting week in Reception. The children have been learning about keeping healthy. They explored cutting, slicing, shredding, and chopping fruits and they even made fruit  and veggie juice to sell in the cafe in the role play area. They enjoyed making funny faces with bread and vegetables and did little exercises each morning. Below is a glimpse of what really happened in Reception. dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav   \  ...


Reception Stories

This week the children wrote stories as a class. Everyone got to add a sentence or two to the story, and then they came up with the title of their stories together. We loved what they wrote so much we thought we’d share their stories with you. Sit back and enjoy! The Castle Story – by Reception Baobab One day there was a queen who saw a bear at the castle. The bear got scared when the witch came in. Then the...


Story Fun In Reception

The Reception children this week have been focusing on story narratives. The children have been encouraged to create their own stories using their imaginations with the help of stimulative provisions in class. They made a story road map, tried story scribing, acted on the amphitheatre, read in the dark tent, made magic wands and painted story stones. It has been a fun week. Like this:Like Loading...


New Year’s Resolutions

This week the children in Reception have been thinking about what they would like to learn this term and/or what they would like to improve at. These are their resolutions: (looks like the Reception and Specialist teachers are going to be busy! 🙂   Reception Flame Tree I want to get better at doing more beautiful art. I want to get better at doing climbing wall. I want to get better at playing football. I want to get better at art. I want to get better at...

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