Ocean Week in Reception

This week the whole school starting learning about different things connected to water. In Reception we chose to look at oceans and things that live in them. The children have learnt about the different oceans around the world, they’ve learnt about sea creatures – looking at how they are the same or different, recreating the patterns they see on sea creatures, drawing them and labeling them, and some children have even made their own mini oceans this week! It has...


The United Nations of Reception

This week for their theme work, the children were asked to find out more about their home countries. They have been busy this week making flags, researching facts about their country, cooking food from their country and also thinking about what makes their country so wonderful. Here are their thoughts: Belgium is great because it has a lot of snow and it has a lot of chocolate! I like The Netherlands because it has very good things to do there, like playing...


Maths Activities This Week

The Reception class has embraced distance learning and remained connected using various forms of technology! Here are a few photos of our Maths work the children produced from home this week.   Like this:Like Loading...


I See, I Think, I Wonder

Last term in Reception we introduced the children to the visible thinking routine ‘I see, I think, I wonder.’ This works by showing the children a picture and asking them to describe what they see in the picture, what they think about it (what they believe to be true) and what they wonder (what would they like to find out about things they see in the picture.) It’s a great thinking routine for getting the children to talk about their...


Our First Week of Term 3

Our first week of Term 3 found us in lockdown however, this did not stop us from engaging in quality learning. The children have responded well to online learning and have worked really hard at home with both our support and of course their family members. This week we focussed on missing numbers in Maths and phonetic awareness and letter formation in English. We also had Birds as our theme. The children were tasked to do research on their house...

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