Online Learning

For the past two weeks, the children in Reception have been learning from home. Their teachers have been posting lots of different activities onto Google Classroom for them to try out, and their parents and helpers have been helping them with these activities from home. The children have been busy cooking, listening to stories, making people from natural resources, drawing, writing, building pyramids, having Zoom calls with their friends and teachers, turning their toys into mummies, playing computer games and...


Egyptian Week

This week we have had fun learning all about Ancient Egypt. Did you know that over 130 pyramids are found in Egypt and that the Nile River provides food and water for Egyptians? Did you know they use symbols (Hieroglyphs) to write, and mummies are wrapped in bandages?  The children enjoyed making pyramids with number cups and Duplo, they made Egyptian necklaces, wrote on scrolls, and cracked the Hieroglyphic codes. They also loved wrapping each other with toilet paper to...


Chocolate Week!

This week has been chocolate week in Reception and as you can imagine, it’s been a big hit with the children (and the teachers!) Chocolate themed activities have been going on all week such as chocolate tasting, counting with chocolates, cooking chocolate crisipie cakes, painting with chocolate, and learning about the history of chocolate and how it’s made. We had a visit from Year 4 who shared with us the things they learnt about chocolate during their recent IPC unit....


Sharing knowledge

Year 4 children have just finished their chocolate unit in IPC. Children in Reception are learning about chocolate this week in class so we went to share our knowledge with them! Like this:Like Loading...


Book Week

We had a very busy Book Week in Reception class. The children spent the week, making their own books and bookmarks, designing book covers, listening to stories read by different adults including mums and dads, some children took part in the extreme reading challenge, sharing books from home, but the most anticipated event was the  Dress Up and the parade. Below are some of the captured events during the week.     dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav dav ...


Superhero Dress Up Day

This week is Superhero week in Reception! On Monday to launch the week we had a Superhero Dress Up Day where the children all came to school dressed as their favourite Superhero or a new one created by themselves. We had Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Owlette, Captain America, Ballerina Fairy Woman and many other awesome Superheroes in class. We also had a rotation of four fun activities on Monday morning which the children all really enjoyed, and Superhero related activities are going on...

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