Recently in 6 Murchison we have been writing science fiction stories as part of our fiction unit on story writing. After finding the common features of science fiction stories we closely analysed a short science fiction story looking at the language used and wrote our own closely aligned version of this story. We then looked in detail at the story Examination Day by Henry Slesar looking at how he created atmosphere, character, setting and led to the reader to believe one thing when the situation in reality was somewhat different. We then discussed the story in some depth thinking of potential answers to the questions the story left us with. After this we planned, wrote and edited our own stories with a word limit of 500 words the aim being that the children thought as writers about the importance of every single word used. We also tried to leave the reader with questions of their own. Below is an example of one of the stories that was written in class. We hope that you enjoy reading it:

The Return

The Jupiter bound space shuttle peacefully drifted through outer space. Suddenly a siren sounded, “Emergency, emergency.”  John Stone glanced out of the small porthole and what he saw made his mouth drop, he automatically dived into his space pod, at that moment all he could think about was his beloved children as he braced for impact…..

Head throbbing, he stared around to see shards of scorched metal all he could remember was seeing a colossal meteorite colliding with his doomed space shuttle. He slowly tried to stand up only to quickly sit down again, the pain was unbearable. However, his eyes sparkled, because he was alive!!!

He didn’t know how long he had been lying there, but it felt like a millennium. Finally he staggered to his feet and stared around him in amazement. On the other side of the crater he spotted metal gleaming in the sunlight. He decided to investigate after all he needed supplies and transport. Gradually he stumbled through the lifeless dust. As he got closer he realized it was a steel door leading into the crater’s heart. Cautiously, he pushed it open and stepped inside. He gasped as red lights mesmerized him and generators ground into life. Rumours of a Martian moon base were true. The first thing he saw was something that looked like mouldy cheese, “It will have to do,” he muttered to himself, he cautiously took a small bite it tasted like rancid milk, holding his nose he swallowed a tiny piece, before spitting out the revolting substance.

At the other end of the corridor, he spotted a way out he made his way towards the opening and entered what looked like a small cobbled courtyard. There was a set of half destroyed stairs leading up to a launch pad. Most importantly, the miniature spear shaped rocket on the launch pad interested John the most. He carefully made his way up the stairs and climbed into the cockpit which had automatically opened. After pressing a blue button, the rocket jolted into space like an eagle taking flight, “Here I come,” John screamed out loud.

In just two hours John had landed in a deserted field somewhere in Brazil. Luckily he had been spotted by a farmer, who rushed him to hospital. Soon, he was in the President’s office, on every magazine cover and the world celebrated his bravery and miraculous escape. After a week of interviews John reunited with his family. Hugging and kissing them, John had peace he knew it was finally over.

Later that week, when watching the news, they heard about a terrible virus that had spread from Brazil. People’s skins were turning green with a sour smell, within one hour they were dead. Before John’s eyes, he noticed his family develop a lime tinge around their mouths. Rushing to the door John saw the lights of innumerable spear rockets headed towards the doomed earth. The invasion was about to commence.