The teaching staff at Ambrosoli are all highly qualified and motivated teachers, who are selected to work at Ambrosoli because of their love for children, teaching and learning.

The Senior leadership Team is led by Amanda Dickson BA; MEd; PGCE; FCollT. As the Head of School, Mandy has developed the academics at Ambrosoli over the last three years and has had the school accredited by the CIS. She will now be leading the teachers through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) accreditation to ensure the high levels of academic vigour are maintained.

While aiming high, the school’s philosophy is to educate through curiosity, creativity and global awareness; challenging the children to thrive and achieve.

Also in the Senior leadership Team is the Deputy head, who is also qualified in child protection issues and guides the staff through policies and practices to ensure each child at Ambrosoli is always in an environment where they feel safe and secure in order to thrive. Other SLT members work together on developing the curriculum and extra curricular activities, whilst maintaining high levels of support and motivation for the staff so good teaching and learning practices are always taking place.

In the classrooms,  the team consists of class teachers who bring their experiences from as far away as New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the States as well as the UK, India, the Czech Republic and closer to home; Uganda. Supporting each of these teachers are the Learning Assistants who work closely with them, supporting the children with their education and learning.

For greater depth to the children’s learning experiences, the six specialist subjects add another dimension of vibrancy to the school day, with PE, music, swimming, French, Art and giving Learning Support taught by the specialist teachers.

At Ambrosoli you will soon see that the support staff are also very much part of the school community. The housekeeping ladies have  developed excellent relations with the children and parents, as have the ground staff, led by Sam Okot, and the security personnel, all of whom you will find to be helpful and cheerful.





Liz, as the Head Administrator will be your first contact with the school as she oversees admissions. She works with the Operations Manager, Head of School and alongside the Bursar and Accountant in the finance department. All are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have.