This week, to conclude our water theme, the Reception children were sent this picture and asked to say what they see in the picture, what they think about it and what also what they wonder. This is a visible thinking routine we have used this year in Reception – we show the children a picture, then see how they respond. It is always interesting seeing how they all have different ideas! Here are their thoughts about this picture:

I See

I see a man in a dirty pool looking at a man on a boda boda who is also looking at him.

I see a car, it looks like a police car.

I see two men walking away from the man in the dirty pool.

I see people walking.

I see a boda boda man is driving, there are three.

I see a puddle and somebody in the puddle.

I see a car and I also see some rocks, a pyramid rock.

I see a blue boda boda, a red car, and a man in the puddle.

I see a policeman, a motorcycle and a car. Also, sand and a man sinking in the water.

I see a man which is under the water.

I see people in a boda boda, and a car.

I see sand.

I see someone drowning in dirty water or mud.

I see there is dirt, there are cars, there are men, there are motorcycles and houses.

I see a dirty lake and a man is in the dirty lake.

I Think

I think that man isn’t stuck in the dirty pool.

I think a police is going to grab him up.

I think they are digging the hole, there is a red line.

I think this guy thought he can jump over the puddle, and then he fell inside.

I think they are trying to put the black pipe in.

I think they’re building something, they’re building a road.

I think this guy wants to swim in the mud.

I think a thief was painting on the house. I think that man in the dirty water (the thief) did not want to do that; that he only jumped in because he thought that the motorcycle was the policeman, but he wasn’t. He did not want to be in the cage (prison) of the motorbike driver, as he was a policeman.

I Wonder

I wonder if the policeman put him in the cage.

I wonder if it was raining because in this area there is water.

I wonder why did the guy go in the hole?

I wonder if people would help the man.

I wonder if the man’s drinking the water?

I wonder how this guy could jump over the puddle without falling inside.

I wonder if the police is going to give him a lift over that giant dirty water.

I wonder if these guys lived in the olden days.

I wonder if the mud is deep.

I wonder why the man is sinking in the water, is this real?