This week we had a planetarium come to school. It was enjoyed by the whole school from Sunflowers to Year Six! – another highlight for our IPC unit, ‘The Earth Our Home’. The Year One children loved learning about the Milky Way and the solar system. Many of them tried to catch the planets and stars as they rotated around the earth. They had many comments afterwards and here are a few of them.

I like the Milky Way because I have seen it before and I have never seen it so close up. Elise

I like Saturn because of the nice rings. Isaro

It felt like we were moving as if we were orbiting the videos of space. Ari

I liked the big hole because it was cool. Ria

I liked when we were seeing the moon moving around. Lucille

My favourite thing was that he asked us questions that were very funny. Does Saturn look like a pancake or a ball? Nelson

I liked the part when the rocket looked like it was going to hit us. Jonathan

I liked the stars because it showed us when they went around the planet. Lauren

I liked the stars like it hit us on the head. Jack

I liked it when they showed the moon and the sun going round. Quentin