It has been a busy start of the year in 6 Murchison and the children have written down some of their highlights: These are the children’s own words mixed up to create an overall picture of the first few weeks.
When we came back from the holidays we had breaking news, “Friday is your assembly.” Technically it was next Friday. I liked that we got to write our own lines and make up our own plays. Our Assembly was based on Ambrosoli’s eight learning goals and we put a lot of time and effort into it even though we did not have that much time to prepare. The assembly was the best assembly I ever had, we all had enough lines and it was fun.
My first impression of year 6 has been fun, because Tr. David has always been very funny and he has taught us a lot and its only week 3. We have learnt how to plot co-ordinates in 4 quadrants, how to add and subtract negative numbers, write explanation texts and in brainwaves among other things we are designing a logo for a ‘good learner’ in groups. We have also researched different parts of the brain, and learnt about memory. In computing we are going to make apps in partners and my partner and I have decided to make a Social Media app called Snapthat. I am looking forward to it, In art we are creating big canvases in teams representing the Primary Learning Goals. I’ve learnt how to do a streamline in swimming and count in millions in Maths and I am now using better words to make my writing more interesting for the reader.We have learnt how to count to 10,000 in Luganda.
We have also learnt the more you grow the more responsibilities you have and the more people look up to you. As a result i am now a role model in the school and a house captain. In year 6 you really have to try your best and concentrate. Another thing to remember is to always listen, think and practice to learn your best and improve. This is so far some of the events that have happened in year 6. I wonder if I am going to survive the rest of the year.

The pictures are of the children creating and designing theirĀ  own logos.