This week for their theme work, the children were asked to find out more about their home countries. They have been busy this week making flags, researching facts about their country, cooking food from their country and also thinking about what makes their country so wonderful. Here are their thoughts:

Belgium is great because it has a lot of snow and it has a lot of chocolate!

I like The Netherlands because it has very good things to do there, like playing with Oma and Opa. I like Scotland because it has very good food which I like and it has very good toys.

Australia is great because of the big parks.

Canada is awesome because it has moose and maple syrup – yum!

I like the beach in Italy with two pools on the side and I like to be with my uncle there.

Russia is great, it’s the biggest country and it has very many animals.

I like the food in Uganda – the tomatoes and the fried gonja.

Israel is great because Grandma’s there!  I love my Grandma’s house and the toys there and my cats.  Also, I love the trees and flowers, and that there are houses with red roofs.  I love the weather and I can go to the pool.  And I also love to meet my nephews from Israel, and my friends from Israel.

I love Austria because I love the eagle that is the symbol of the country and the typical Austrian food – Wiener Schnitzel.

Canada is great because it has a water park and we get to see our friends.

The best thing about Uganda is that it has my school.

Ireland is great because it grows potatoes which make people strong and healthy, and also because people in Ireland are kind and I love the playgrounds.