If your happy to have cake but sad when it’s all gone does that mean the more you eat the sadder you get?

Is east the opposite of west in the same way that the north is the opposite of the south?

If you remove the stripes of a zebra what colour would it be?Can you prove that all zebras have stripes?

If I take a photo of you taking a photo of me, do I have a photo of you taking a photo of me or just a photo of you?

Does chocolate taste the same melted, frozen or wet?

Can you see a mountain from the top?

Is a snails shell more like a prison than a home?


These are just some of the questions that we are trying to find out the answers too- are there even any right answers? We have used cooking, photography, art, coordinates and compass games, chocolate eating and research so far to work out some of lifes biggest questions!