Sunflowers came back from break time and found a set of footprints had been left in our class. We didn’t know who had left the footprints? It was a mystery! We used  inquiry skills to find out what or who had been in our classroom. We thought it could be a Lion, a Dinosaur or a Tiger. We searched the whole campus looking for the creature. We had some great ideas about how best to investigate and find out answers to our questions! We used a rope and a measuring stick to find out that each footprint was 10cm in length. We researched using books and a computer to find out what kind of animal it could actually be. We found out that a T- Rex footprint could have been 100cm (not the animal we are looking for) , a Lions 25cm ( again, it couldn’t be this animal)  and a Tigers claws 10cm. By process of elimination we knew it was a Tiger. There were 8 footprints in class, we found out Tigers have 4 feet and would make 4 footprints. One of our sunflowers worked out that 4×2 or 4+4 = 8! That means there were two Tigers, what fabulous learning – maybe soon the Tigers may be coming for Tea?!