What makes Ambrosoli awesome

The Student Council are proud to be representing their classes and part of such an awesome school. They wanted to share with you what a fabulous place Ambrosoli is and why you should choose it for your child. These are their reasons Ambrosoli is such a great school:
  • The playground
  • The assembly hall
  • The basketball court
  • The field
  • The sandpit
  • The PE room
  • The great friends
  • The access to the toilets
  • The PTA
  • IPC lessons
  • The British curriculum
  • The computing room
  • The library
  • The teachers
  • The community
  • The support staff
  • The specialists
  • The toys
  • The balls
  • The lessons
  • The environment
  • Assemblies
  • Productions
  • The school anthem
  • The food
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