What our teachers say……..

Ambrosoli Laughter, friends and a family away from the ones you know, sums up the Ambrosoli community. The Senior Management team at Ambrosoli ensures that individual strengths are drawn upon and they believe strongly in professional development. I believe working with passionate, creative and adaptable colleagues has made me a stronger and more thoughtful teacher.

Living in Uganda 

East Africa is home to some of the most beautiful coast line and diverse animals in Africa. With three national parks, Uganda offers the opportunity to explore all areas of the country on the quest to see tree lions, amazing falls or the untouched safari park or forests. Although Uganda is open to many possibilities it is still a developing country that is working towards an efficient transport system, economy and reliable electricity. Patience is a must for anyone thinking of relocating to Uganda. Tr. Hannah

Living in Kampala
Kampala is a busy city where the temperature year round is between 25 0 C and 30 0 C. It is a very friendly place where it is easy to meet different people of many different nationalities and make new friends. Most people speak fluent English. There is a wide range of activities to try and a great range of restaurants, bars and clubs. You can buy almost anything in the shops and it is generally a safe city. The power and water are generally reliable. Kampala is a good base for traveling with many exciting options easily accessed during school holidays.

Working in Ambrosoli
Ambrosoli is a special place to work, where teachers are trusted to do their job as professionals. We are encouraged to take risks and try out new ways of teaching in a positive, supportive and creative environment. Paperwork is kept to a minimum and the emphasis is on working hard together to achieve success for all. As much PD as possible is offered given the location. The staff team are welcoming and friendly, often socialising together. Nearly all teachers extend their original contracts. Pupils are well behaved and respectful, it is not unusual to see children from all years playing together. There are close links with the parents who appreciate the work of the teachers which gives the school a convivial atmosphere. Tr. David

I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years in Uganda and will be sad to move on. A few things I will miss about Uganda. Ugandans are very friendly and jovial and will always greet you with a warm smile. The weather is warm and pleasant the whole year round and one quickly forgets the short winter days back home. Organic fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available including at the wonderful farmers market at school on Fridays. We have colourful turacos, kingfishers and lizard buzzards regularly visiting our garden and can do bird-watching from home.

Ambrosoli is a small community- minded school where everyone knows everyone else. We have made some wonderful friends in the school community in our four years here. It is a pleasure to come to school every day and to be greeted warmly by children and adults alike. This is the first school where I have seen Year 6 children happily playing with the 3 year old Sunflowers. Even when I am not at school, I get greeted warmly and people come over to have a quick chat! It is wonderful to feel so appreciated. Tr. Gopa.