In Term 1, we learnt how to write a friendly letter and now that all our learning is online, we learnt how to write a friendly e-mail. Here is some of our work from this week’s English task:

How to write a friendly email By Lois

First write the email address of the person you are emailing

Second write the subject of the email

After that write a greeting (dear__________)

Next write what you want to share to the person you are emailing

Then close the email by saying something like Sincerely, Love, from

Finally write your name/signature


To: Ethan

Subject: online learning 


Dear Ethan,

                  I am writing to tell you about my experience with  online learning.I am sure you know how much the covid 19 pandemic has affected learning.At my school Ambrosoli , when the president of Uganda closed all schools in the country we had to go in for online  learning  from home.

I am going to tell you the things I like on online learning:

  1. No uniforms to wear so we do not get so hot.
  2. We get to play roblox after school which is very fun.
  3. We get to sit anywhere we want which is very nice because  at times people can be annoying at home.
  4. We learnt how to use google classroom which is really helping us practice our computer skills.
  5. We can eat any time we want which makes it easier to have lunch without waiting in long lines.
  6. We get more support if we are stuck with our tasks and we don’t have to wait for the teacher to come.Our parents are now our teachers!

 Let me also tell you about the challenges I face .

  1. Google classroom can not be on for more than 4 hours which is annoying because we need to use it for 7 to 8 hours a day.
  2. P.E is not really fun because we don’t get to do the normal things we get to do in school.
  3. You can not see your classmates in person so you can not chat easily.

 I hope you are fine and not too bored at home! What school hobbies are you missing now?  Please find attached some pictures of me doing my home line learning . Hope to see you soon. BYE 




Recipient: Thor 

Subject: Home schooling


Dear Thor,

I hope you and your family are okay. I  have been learning from home since the 20th of March. Homeschooling is very very tedious. I don’t get to see my friends a lot these days. I hope we can go back to school soon.  I have online lessons on google meet and during those live lessons  we talk about the tasks we have been assigned and we also present the work we have done so far. I can’t wait until i  can travel once  again!!

At home I have been spending lots of time with my mum because she doesn’t go to work every day. I also enjoy some activities like badminton, football and playing cards. I have also watched some tv, but i wish tv time was more!!!!! (my mum is very rigid)

How is everything with you? Is your little sister still troublesome? How inflexible is the lockdown in Iceland? Do you get to play outside?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best wishes,



To: [email protected] 

Subject: School during lockdown.

Hi Amanda,

How are you and how is it in Denmark during this time of coronavirus pandemic? Here in Uganda schools were closed down in March, including our school, Ambrosoli. Due to the pandemic we are having online classes. At the beginning it was a bit hard but as days passed it became more fun and the whole class got used to learning online. 

When I’m not studying online, I play table tennis with my family. I play board games and I like to ride my bicycle on Saturdays. Sometimes I do exercise or skip a rope 

How is the situation of covid-19 in Denmark? Are your schools also closed like here in Uganda? Are you also learning online? When you are not, what do you do with your family?

Hope to hear from you soon,