In Year 4 this week, children did some independent research about someone famous and wrote a biography about them to share on Google classrooms.

Here are some interesting facts they found out:

Henry VIII by Cordell

He became king in 1509 at the age of 17.

Henry the VIII had 6 wives:

1.Cathrine of Aragon – divorced

2.Anne Boleyne – beheaded

3.Jane Seymour – she died giving birth

4.Anne of Cleves – she died naturally in 1557

5.Catherine Howard – she was beheaded

6.Catherine Parr – lived longer than Henry VIII

David Robert Joseph Beckham by Siyanna

David Beckham was born on the 2 of May 1975 in Leytonstone, London,England. His father, David Edward Alan was a kitchen fitter and his mum, Sandra Georgina was a hairdresser.

David Beckham scored goals in 262 games and he won 6 premier league medals in all the games he played.

Isacc Peral by Julia

Isaac got an idea of an underwater machine but as soon as he mentioned it everyone started laughing. But the hope wasn’t lost yet .Not everybody knows that it was him who created the submarine because of a spy who stole his plans and sabotaged the submarine. He created a very famous transport that we still use today.

Albert Einstein by Leo

He went to school in Munich but he didn’t like the strict rules in his school because he was forced to learn. At 15 he left school without a degree. He joined another school in switzerland where he successfully finished his A levels.

In 1905 he published several of his important scientific works.

Joan of Ark by Nora

Joan led the French army at the age of 18!

Joan claimed to hear the voice of God, when she claimed so she was taken to church to prove if she was telling the truth. She was tested and poor Joan was praying and praying for the voice of God, but there was no response.

Joan died on May 30th 1431 as this was such a horrible end. In 1920 she was made a saint.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta by Aarush

Uhuru Kenyatta is the president of Kenya. He is the son of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president. He is the fourth president of Kenya, and has won elections twice.

Uhuru Kenyatta has made a difference by bringing unity among all Kenyans. He has improved the standard of education. He has helped Kenyan’s with medical care and brought developments to Kenya.

Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger by Arasan

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is a former US Airlines pilot, who successfully ditched his passenger plane on the Hudson River after it struck a flock of Canada geese, thereby saving all 155 people aboard. The maneuver was a success, and all 155 people onboard flight 1549 survived, and all but a few uninjured. The crew evacuated the passengers and Captain Sullenberger left the plane last.

Elizabeth Eidenbenz by Eloise

When she was 24 she went to Spain to help refugees. She realised that children and pregnant women suffered a lot. She decided to transform an old castle into a maternity. She saved a lot of women and children from the German army.

I chose this woman because she is from my country and she was very brave!

Lionel Messi by Idan

He is italian and spanish from his father’s side, and Italian from his mother’s side.

He grew up in a family loving football, and he developed a passion for football from an early age, when he was playing football with his older brothers Rodrigo and Matías, and his cousins Maximiliano and Emanuel Biancucchi, both of whom became professional footballers as well.

At the age of 4, he joined a football club where he was coached by his father.

His earliest influence came from his maternal grandmother – Celia who took him to training and matches, She died when he was 11 and since then he celebrates his goals when he looks at the sky and points up in tribute to his grandmother.

He is one of the best football players in History, helping his team to win more than 2 dozen league titles and tournaments. He is the best player in his generation. Messi helps others in need, in 2007 he founded “The Lional Messi foundation” to help pay health care and education for vulnerable children and to improve their life . He also donated Money every year to different projects in the world.

James Cook (Captain Cook) by Lennon

In 1736 his family moved to Great ayton and he went to school there for five years. After that he started working for his father as a farmer. His father had become a farm manager. In 1745 he moved to Staithes when he was sixteen to work in a grocers shop. Then 18 months later he moved to Whitby and became a sailor transporting coal from Whitby to London. Later a war started with france and He volunteered to join the royal navy. Then he began 3 voyages across the planet. He returned home between the voyages. He visited Hawaii and went away and returned to hawaii and he left But was forced to go back to hawaii for the third time. That time the hawaiians were less friendly. On February 14th,1779 James cook was killed by angry hawaiians.

Cleopatra by Yi Chen

She was famous for being the last queen of Egypt and killing the older Ptolemy and her Arsinoe. (Arsinoe was actually executed by Marcus Antonius, cleo’s second husband.)

Cleo’s first married her eldest brother Ptolemy, after Ptolemy drowned she gave birth to Caesarion, Julius Caesar’s son. When Julius (Jules for short) got murdered she married her smallest brother Ptolemy. Ptolemy ate something poisonous and died. The last husband was Marcus Antonius (Mark for short) they gave birth to twins. The girl is called Cleopatra Selene and the boy is called Alexander Helios, the last born is called Ptolemy Philadelphus. (All the boys are called Ptolemy because it stands for mighty in war in greek.) (it is Egyptian tradition to marry your siblings.)