Year 1


Access to Water

The children in Year One have been learning about ‘Water’ in our current I.P.C unit. This week they looked at how different people around the world access water. They especially focused on their home/host country Uganda. They had to design and make a water well for a community in Uganda.   ...


PSHE – Changing Me – Who I want to become!

Thursday morning during our PSHE lesson the children came dressed as who or what they want to become in the future as part of our unit Changing Me. They were asked why they wanted to become their chosen profession and what they would need to do in order to achieve this.  Salma would like to be a ‘Caretaker’ of horses and zebras. She says that she will need to learn all about grass, so that she can...


Student-Led Conferences

Welcoming our parents into our classroom for Student-Led Conferences has been so much fun! We managed to capture photos of the special opportunity we had to share our learning with our families. ...