Year 3


Hygiene Science

What with all the emphasis around hand hygiene and the spread of bacteria at the moment, we decided to set up an experiment in class to show the children the benefits of hand washing. We have not done this experiment before so are not sure of the results, but have made some sensible predictions. The children reflected on their understanding of independent and dependent variables, as well as controls for  fair test and planned an experiment using bread. They wanted to...


Evidence from the past

In Year 3 we have been learning about different types of evidence that can help us understand the past. We understand that fossils are great evidence from the time of dinosaurs and we learned about how they were formed over hundreds of millions of years. In class we made our own fossils out of play dough and Plaster of Paris, which we painted using our self made paint from egg yolk, water and coffee.       ...


Book Reviews

In year 3 we have been writing book reviews using persuasive language and paragraphs. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Frencesca Cavallo  Review by Elise Leal This book is about women and how they’re famous for amazing things they have done. They’re many short biographies about women. It is fun to read because I like hearing amazing stories. It makes me feel proud that I am a girl. My favourite person is Alicia Alonso because she is blind and...


We are palaeontologists!

This week we had out Entry Point for Footprints From The Past and the children were palaeontologists in the Egyptian desert looking for artefacts in archaeological sites. The found some bones and dusted them off. Once the groups came together they realised that their bones fit together to make a T-rex. We are now really excited to find out more about the age of the dinosaurs, through Science, Geography, History and much more! ...

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