This week in 4 Sipi, we were lucky enough to have three kind parents come in to talk to us about their experiences living on different islands. Linking to our IPC unit ‘Island Life’, we asked a lot of questions about geographical features of the islands and also about the culture in Samoa, Hawaii and Reunion Island.

Here are a few of the interesting things we found out…
– In Samoa, women wear a flower in their hair on the right side to show that they are married and on the left side to show that they are looking for a husband!
– To show their bravery, and as a rite of passage, people in Samoa get large tattoos on their body.
– Samoa has even more types of bananas than Uganda!
Reunion Island:
– It is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean
– There are people of all religions living there, with their own places of worship – and they all seem to get along!
– You can find a lot of sharks and whales at the beaches there
– There is a new road being built in the sea to connect different sides of the island
– Surfing started in Hawaii and is a popular sport there
– People play traditional music on the ukulele
– There are no dangerous animals on the islands but beware of jellyfish when you swim!
We really enjoyed hearing about life on these three fascinating islands, and making lots of connections to our learning in class.