Year 4

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Poets in Kampala

For the end of term, we did a final poetry task in Year 4. We used our knowledge of different rhyming schemes, and genres of poetry, and wrote about a theme of our choice. Here are some creative poems from 4 Sipi: Burgers by Ahmed Put the pickle,meat,cheese What’s that? Burger!  Burgers so yum yum yum Make it go do your tum tum tum   Burger is so good you will never forget it


Whole school IPC Entry Point

Last week we had a whole school Entry Point for our water unit. Children and teachers participated in a ‘walk a mile with water’ activity, which taught us to appreciate the hard work children and adults around the world have to do in order to get water in their houses. The children also learned about the water cycle and they made their own hands-free hand washing devices. Lastly, the children in MP2 did an experiment, to find out what happens...


Non-fiction writing

In English this week, we wrote about a process of our choice. We used sequencing words, researched facts and organised our process writing with headings and subheadings to show the different stages involved. THE LIFE CYCLE OF A LION by Ahmed Who is the king of the jungle? Did you know that lions are so furious? Did you know that lions are the second biggest cats in the world? Did you know that lions live in group’s that are called prides? Here below are the life cycle...


Writing a friendly e-mail

In Term 1, we learnt how to write a friendly letter and now that all our learning is online, we learnt how to write a friendly e-mail. Here is some of our work from this week’s English task: How to write a friendly email By Lois First write the email address of the person you are emailing Second write the subject of the email After that write a greeting (dear__________) Next write what you want to share to the person you are emailing