Year 4

Class Blog



Over the past few weeks, we have been going through an exciting Freestyle learning journey. From learning how to float on the front, to kicking with straight legs, pointed toes and focusing on high elbows for the freestyle arms. The children have worked really hard to make sure they think about all these details in order to have  a smooth freestyle. ...



In the past half term in PE we have been working towards developing and improving our ball skills in games and our main focus has been mini basketball. Our learning journey has seen us develop our ball-handling skills in passing, shooting, and dribbling. We are now ready to apply these skills in simple game situations and this will be our main focus when we return from our half term break! ...


Future Schools Open Morning

During our school open morning the children focused on the idea of Ambrosoli in the Future. The year 3s reflected on their prior learning about the history of schools in England and Uganda. They then planned a future Ambrosoli building using an ICT app and created a  poster presentation. The year 4s also planned a future Ambrosoli but for when their own children would be at school. They thought about how the timetable and lessons would change. They also created their school...


Guest Speakers for Active Planet

We were very lucky, in Year 4, to have two guest speakers share their experiences with us of working in humanitarian response to natural disasters. We learnt about what their jobs involve, what some of the challenges are and how their work links to our Personal Learning Goals here at Ambrosoli. The children then used the ideas they had heard from our guest speakers to form their own international organisation and write...