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Chocolate Tasting

Today in Year 4 we had our Entry Point for our IPC Chocolate unit – we tasted six different types of chocolate and had to describe each one using all our senses. Then we had to identify which one was our favourite and study the wrapper for our chosen chocolate. This is a very exciting unit as we will be learning about the history of chocolate, cash crops, fair trade and lots more. We will also learn how to make chocolate...


Earthquake-proof buildings

4 Sipi children researched features of earthquake-proof buildings for their IPC ‘Active Planet’ unit. They then made models of earthquake-proof buildings, including the features they had researched – such as shock absorbers and steel bars. They presented their D & T projects to each other and asked questions about the various models they saw. Like this:Like Loading...


Active Planet Quiz

Yesterday, Year 4 children took part in a quiz in teams as part of their Active Planet Exit Point. They cooperated with their team members to answer questions all about their learning in this unit and did a great job sharing their knowledge! Due to yesterday’s traffic chaos, we decided to delay the other half of their Exit Point and they will now present their volcano research findings on Monday morning. Hope you can join us to hear all about their...

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