Year 4

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When Years 3 & 4 go to Paris….

For our unit on the Eiffel Tower, years 3 and 4 had the chance to learn how to draw the famous monument with Mercy Kagia, a Kenyan artist who organised exhibitions in Nairobi, Germany, South Corea and Italy. After learning a lot about its construction, we invited the students to a virtual trip on the Eiffel Tower thanks to VR Cardboards. What an amazing experience! They loved it and asked for more!! ...


Making a seismograph

In our IPC unit ‘Active Planet’, we’ve been learning all about earthquakes. Today in our lesson we did a D&T project and made our own seismographs. A seismograph is an instrument used to detect and record earthquakes. It is made of a mass attached to a fixed base. During an earthquake, the base moves and the mass does not. Here are some photos of our designs so far.   ...


KS2 Interschool Maths Day

On 29th October Ambrosoli held the first Interschools KS2 Maths Day and some of our year 3 and 4 children were involved. They spent the day making friends, solving problems, explaining their ideas and discussing maths activities. Well done to all those how took part. We will be using lots of the problem solving tasks in class so that all the children can benefit from the day. ...


Year 4 trip to Jinja

We visited BaseCamp in Jinja for our Year 4 residential trip last week. We did lots of experiments related to our IPC unit ‘Active Planet’ and wrote our diaries each day. We also visited an organic farm and learnt about how to farm without using chemicals or pesticides. Here are a few photos from our trip and we will tell you more when we finish our letter-writing unit in English.  ...