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Y4 Virtual Learning: Writing a Biography

In Year 4 this week, children did some independent research about someone famous and wrote a biography about them to share on Google classrooms. Here are some interesting facts they found out: Henry VIII by Cordell He became king in 1509 at the age of 17. Henry the VIII had 6 wives: 1.Cathrine of Aragon – divorced 2.Anne Boleyne – beheaded 3.Jane Seymour – she died giving birth 4.Anne of Cleves – she died naturally in 1557 5.Catherine Howard – she was beheaded 6.Catherine Parr – lived longer than Henry...


Go For Gold!

Our MP2 children showed an enormous amount of resilience and adaptability last week when we moved our production up by a few days. They performed ‘Go For Gold’ three times in the space of two days, teaching children, parents, and teachers about the history of the Olympics. It was a spectacular show which will live in our memories for a long time!           Like this:Like Loading...


Sharing knowledge

Year 4 children have just finished their chocolate unit in IPC. Children in Reception are learning about chocolate this week in class so we went to share our knowledge with them! Like this:Like Loading...

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