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Bean to Bar workshop

Today we visited Moonbean Chocolate and took part in a ‘bean to bar’ chocolate-making workshop. We learnt a lot and even made our own chocolates to take home. Here are 4 Sipi’s comments about the experience: I really enjoyed the tasting part of the chocolate and when we made the Mayan chocolate drink (although it was really bitter). My favourite part was when we looked at the beans. Leo I learned that when you temper the chocolate it changes temperatures according to what...


Chocolate Tasting

Today in Year 4 we had our Entry Point for our IPC Chocolate unit – we tasted six different types of chocolate and had to describe each one using all our senses. Then we had to identify which one was our favourite and study the wrapper for our chosen chocolate. This is a very exciting unit as we will be learning about the history of chocolate, cash crops, fair trade and lots more. We will also learn how to make chocolate...

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