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Writing a friendly e-mail

In Term 1, we learnt how to write a friendly letter and now that all our learning is online, we learnt how to write a friendly e-mail. Here is some of our work from this week’s English task: How to write a friendly email By Lois First write the email address of the person you are emailing Second write the subject of the email After that write a greeting (dear__________) Next write what you want to share to the person you are emailing


This week we were shopkeepers, linguists and researchers

In IPC this week we did some research about topics of our choice related to electricity for our ‘Bright Sparks’ unit. We found meanings for words in English using a dictionary and thesaurus, then wrote our own sentences using synonyms and showing our understanding of the vocabulary given. Some of us made wordsearches and crosswords too. In Maths we solved word problems about money. Then we made our own shops with items for sale and made word problems to challenge our friends! Please...


Week 4 of Term 3

In English this week, we worked on instructional writing. Here are Cordell’s instructions for joining a google meet: How to join a Google Meet: First you have to go to your inbox and find the meeting you need to get to. Then you go to the three dots at the top and look for meet. Next you write the code in tha you got sent by your teacher . Lastly you are in. If you have problems...


Becoming poets

In Year 4 this term we are focussing on different types of poetry in our English unit. The children are enjoying learning about different genres and poetic devices, and they are showing fantastic creativity in their writing. Here are some examples: Title: The Pandemic (A free verse poem by Nora) The Pandemic is so horrible It kills one thousand people a day The streets are no longer filled with children’s laughter  As it is as silent as a...

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