Year 5

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Investigators Entry Point

For the Entry Point to our new IPC unit we took on the role of investigators. First we were detectives at a crime scene and had to consider the evidence to work out who committed a crime. We then asked yes/no questions to investigate who different characters were. After that we took and analysed each other’s fingerprints. Finally we did some critical thinking to solve riddles. We really enjoyed our Entry Point and are excited to get started on our...


AD 900 Exit Point

On Thursday, Year 5 had a fantastic day out for the Exit Point to our AD 900 IPC unit. Firstly, we headed to the Gadaffi Mosque following on from our learning about the rise of Islam. We had a very informative tour of the mosque which helped to put our learning in class into context. We then climbed up the minaret for fabulous views across Kampala. The children behaved impeccably, asked pertinent questions and were very respectful. We then moved...


Brass for Africa Visit

On Friday morning, Brass for Africa visited Ambrosoli to launch our community partnership. Firstly, we really enjoyed their lively and entertaining performance during the morning assembly. Later in the morning, we were lucky enough to enjoy an engaging, interactive workshop with them. We learnt about a range of brass instruments and then were taught how to play the mouthpieces and went on to become a part of a marching band. A super morning! ...


Milepost 3 Invention Convention

The children in Years 5 & 6 had a super day on Thursday while taking part in the Milepost 3 Invention Convention. They were tasked with the challenge of building a vehicle which would travel the furthest distance when released down a ramp. The children cooperated effectively to research and then plan ideas for the design of their vehicle. They were then provided with a selection of recycled materials to use in the construction of their vehicle. While building, they...