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Online Learning Week 2

Year 5 have adapted well to using Google Classroom as a platform for their online learning this week. In Maths they have had the opportunity to get creative while investigating rotational symmetry and tessellations this week. We were really impressed with some of the examples which were shared with us and can be seen below.  In English  the children have been working hard to write their new Ugandan versions of existing well-known stories.  A good example of a story opening...


Online Learning in Year 5

The children in Year 5 have really impressed us this week while showing adaptability and adjusting to the new system of online learning.  They have shown resilience, independence and maturity while taking responsibility for their own learning. In Maths they have been learning about plotting, reflecting, rotating and translating shapes. In English we are in the early stages of planning a new version of an existing story with an emphasis on characters and settings. IPC tasks have encouraged the children...

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