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Online learning in art

In year 5 students have been creative in art lessons during our online learning journey. They learnt about different art styles, movements and techniques. Here is our Year 5 art gallery.                                             Abstract art by Xavier                                                 ...


Year 5 Exit Point – Being Human

Year 5 have really enjoyed engaging with the IPC unit ‘Being Human’ over the past few weeks. They have researched lots of fascinating information about the human body and now have a better understanding of the systems within the body and how these different features, such as the digestive system, circulatory system and muscles, work. As the Exit Point to this unit, the children were asked to conduct some research into healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet....


Year 5 are learning about ‘Being Human’

In Year 5 our current IPC unit is called Being Human. The children have been doing a super job of researching fascinating information about the human body and how it works. They have been developing their research skills while finding out the answers to specific questions about systems within the human body. Enjoy some of their work below. Like this:Like Loading...


Online Learning Week 2

Year 5 have adapted well to using Google Classroom as a platform for their online learning this week. In Maths they have had the opportunity to get creative while investigating rotational symmetry and tessellations this week. We were really impressed with some of the examples which were shared with us and can be seen below.  In English  the children have been working hard to write their new Ugandan versions of existing well-known stories.  A good example of a story opening...

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