Student Chocolate Blogs

Our Yr. 4 Mburo students truly enjoyed learning about chocolate in IPC this term.  It is by far the most exciting, educational, and engaging IPC unit we study all year!  Our students learned about the history of cocoa, where in the world cocoa came from, the chocolate making process from bean to bar, the dark side of chocolate (child trafficking and deforestation), nutrition, Fair Trade, and marketing, advertising, and sales.  We learned that buying a chocolate bar is the easy part, but what goes on behind the scenes is pretty intense.  Our students are now more aware of how to search for chocolate in stores that has a Fairtrade or organic label on it, to support farmers, struggling communities, and child protection.

Mburo students created their own personal chocolate blogs to reflect on just some of the things they learned about cocoa.  Please enjoy these blogs, by copying and pasting the student links of your choice into Google!

Tr. Shandy

Ephraim – Chocolate Madness Click to read more

Oliver – Chocolate facts and opinions. Click to read more

Max –  The Interesting Chocolate Story. Click to read more

Lisa –Fun-Chocolate-Bad-Chocolate. Click to read more

Dylan – Chocolickdylan. Click to read more

Jeremy –fair-tradejeremy. Click to read more

Agathe – Chocolate Amazing Facts. Click to read more

Kanyana – Kanyanakwizera. Click to read more

Ranvir – Chocolate facts by Ranvir. Click to read more

Antonia – Chocolate and Deforestation. Click to read more

Zachary – From Bean to Bar. Click to read more

Kevis – The history of chocolate by Kevis. Click to read more

Miriam – The funny Chocolate. Click to read more